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M&C Hybrid Energy is one of Ireland's leading green, renewable energy solution providers.   We are built with the noble purpose of supporting and educating Irish homeowners and businesses to become more energy-efficient and understand the benefits of doing so, as renewable and green energy becomes increasingly relevant.

Our customer focused mentality has led us to create and design energy solutions for many customers with the main objective being to ensure energy efficiency, energy saving and sustainability. We are passionate about what we do, and pride ourselves in building excellent customer relationships, providing full confidence and technical support to every customer until completion of works.


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Heat Pumps           

We are local supplier of the Mitsubishi EcoDan Heat Pump.   

Using proven heat pump technology to deliver effective, low carbon heating and hot water, Mitsubishi Electric’s award winning Ecodan systems provide a simple, renewable solution that rivals traditional heating systems.


Solar PV   

We are an agent for Trina Solar PV Panels. 

There are two main types of PV solar panels used in our solar panel systems:
Monocrystalline and Multicrystalline. Both Solar PV panels capture sunlight, causing electrons in the panel's silicon cells to release energy that becomes direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter converts the DC into alternating current (AC) electricity, making it useable for homes and businesses. 


Solar Thermal

Our Solar Thermal Panel uses a CPC Collector to capture the sunlight and turn the energy into heating for hot water. This extremely robust panel is manufactured by Solarfocus in Austria, and can be installed almost anywhere, on your roof, or on the front or back of the house. This unique panel has the ability to track the sun all day long, which is perfect for the Irish climate. 


Wood Pellet Stoves 

A Wood Pellet Stove is a stove that burns compressed wood or biomass pellets to create a source of heat for residential and industrial spaces.

This efficient heating method is available in a wide range of sizes to suit your space and room from flat screen to oval shaped. With exceptionaly low running costs per year, this is an excellent choice for your home upgrade.


LED Lighting

LED lighting is the smartest, most energy efficient solution for your home, business and community. 

Upgrading to LED lighting will reduce your energy bills dramatically, produce virtually zero UV Emissions, and is environmentally safe. We have worked with a number of local businesses with their LED upgrade, and have supported them to optimise energy savings by up to 90%. 


Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

The Vent-Axia through-the-wall range of heat recovery ventilation is a whole home ventilation system that supplies and extracts air continuously at a low rate with the facility to be boosted as required.

The unit is normally installed in the attic space or cupboard and rigid ducting supplies fresh filtered air to the habitable rooms and extracts stale polluted air from the ‘wet’ rooms. Supply and extract diffusers are fitted to the ceilings and are adjusted to balance the system




Energy Audits

An Energy Audit is carried out to determine how energy is being used and where it is being wasted. We evaluate all the energy being used in the building, with this information we can then recommend an energy efficient and cost saving solution to suit your budget, and energy needs. 

We have saved homeowners and businesses thousands by upgrading their energy sources with a complete package specifically tailored to their needs.


General Plumbing

We offer a general plumbing service for homes and businesses. 


SEAI approved and registered supplier

We have worked with SEAI for a number of years on various grant schemes for homeowners and businesses. 

We inform every customer about what grant is available to them, and assist them with the application process. 



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